Introducing Lou Fagenson

Lou Fagenson

Growing up in an artistic family and with the music of folk, classical and the British invasion ringing in his ears, Lou took up guitar at a very early age. By fourth grade he had formed his first garage band—a tradition that lasted throughout high school. Although Lou wanted to grow up to become a member of The Beatles (at the time, who didn’t?), his greater interest was to be the one who wrote the amazing “background” parts—like those of Beatles producer George Martin. At this time, Lou started composing and taught himself to read music and tablature.

At the age of 17, under full scholarship, Lou was accepted into one of only three openings in the guitar program at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. There Lou intensified his studies of guitar and composition under Segovia protégé Philip Rosheger, and attended Master Classes with South American guitarist Abel Carlevaro and the iconic composer Aaron Copland. Lou also took private lessons with flamenco master Mariano Córdoba. Read More…

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